The Soft Tissue Management Hygiene Series Part 3 of 3 – Systemizing your Periodontal Protocol: Scheduling, Coding, Referring

Tuition Cost: AIDA members: $19.99 per person per session
General Admission: $29.99 per person per session

CE: 1.5 Lecture CE Credits per session
CE Code: 490
Prerequisites: Not Required, you may attend each session ala carte  

Course Description:

Let’s face it, it can be challenging to get the entire team calibrated, especially when it comes to our periodontal protocols. Often, clinicians are left with performing a higher level of care than they bill out for due to the lack of clarify on the protocol, lack of the verbal skills they need to tell a long-term “prophy” patient they are in a higher level of disease, or not having the support from the business team to understand what needs to be submitted to insurance to enhance the patient’s coverage. This three-part series is designed to enhance the team approach to building a soft-tissue management program and will highlight the AAP classifications, treatment modalities, maintenance protocols, risk assessment and management, evidence-based practices, and so much more.

Course Description Part 3: Systemizing your Periodontal Protocol: Scheduling, Coding, Referring

Creating a protocol that works in your practice takes a team approach. It requires a commitment to the greater vision of patient care, with each member being able to identify their role in the patient’s successful treatment. Identify the best practices in coding, scheduling and when to review in this course that reviews the business side of hygiene.

Course Objectives Part 3:

  • Discover how to pre-block your schedule 
  • Access the different types of code and review how to implement them chairside 
  • Evaluate what is needed by insurance to confirm the diagnosis of treatment
  • Distinguish when to refer the patient 
  • Review key performance indicators for the dental hygienists 

Meet the Instructors: Amber Auger RDH MPH

Amber Auger is a practicing dental hygienist who specializes in detecting and treating dental dysbiosis conditions. With more than 17 years of experience in the dental industry, she has a passion for guiding hygienists in enhancing their clinical confidence, time and business management, and whole-body, patient-specific periodontal protocols. Amber is the 2019 Sunstar Award of Distinction recipient, a contributor to “RDH Magazine”, featured author for “DentistryIQ”, editor of the “RDH Graduate” newsletter, and the host of #AskAmberRDH. Amber is actively mentoring and educating fellow dental hygienists in their careers and in personal growth through Thrive in the Op® on-demand course curriculum and weekly live coaching sessions. Amber is also owner of the Functional RDH® certification that provides hands on and classroom lectures to identify the root cause of dental dysbiosis and ways in which to restore whole-body health based on the latest oral science.



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