Get the Most $$ Out of Insurance?

Breakfast & registration – 8:30 a.m.
Lecture – 9 a.m.
Lunch – 12-1 p.m.
Dismissal – 4 p.m.

Tuition Cost: AIDA members: $99 per person
General Admission: $149 per person
*Tuition includes breakfast and lunch

CE: 6 Lecture CE Credits
CE Code: 550
Prerequisites: None

Course Description: Providing relational, high-quality care to your patients is critical now more than ever. Maintaining your practice profitably so that you can continue at a high level is also critical. As a private practice dentist, it’s important to know what resources are available to you to help you with fee structure analysis, insurance contracts and maintaining your relationship with your patients. This course will provide insights to analyze your numbers more effectively so you know where improvements are needed. Establish a strategy to manage fees and insurance to best position your practice for success. As reimbursement tends to stagnate and not keep up with cost of living, it’s important to know how you can offer additional services effectively to help grow your practice and offer services to your patients while also remaining profitable.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn to assess current fees and contracts and
    understand how it effects your practice.
  • Confirm your billing protocols are meeting
    your obligations for the current contracts.
  • How to assess the viability of contracts vs fee
    for service and develop a plan.
  • Analyze your procedures and discover new
    protocols for more efficient and economical
    patient treatment solutions.
  • Develop tools for you and your team to
    maintain and grow relationships with your
    current patients

Meet the Instructors: Dr. Greg Grobmeyer

Chief Editor of Dr. Charles Blair’s Dental Coding with Confidence, Chief Editor of Practice Booster’s Insurance Solutions Newsletter, Host of The Dental Code Advisor Podcast

Meet the Instructors: Maegan Conner

Associate Director of Business Planning & School Relations, Dental Strategic

Meet the Instructors: Shelley DeGroff

Founder and CEO of PPO Advisors


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